Meet George Ledbetter,

Hello! My name is George, and I am a 72-year-old competitive cyclist and Arizona Senior Olympics
Gold Medalist. I have twice ridden my bicycle from Canada to Mexico to raise money for my favorite charities: the American Diabetes Association and Child Help. At 72, my doctor swears that I’m in
better shape than 95% of his 35-45 year old patients. But here’s the best part:

My doctor tells me that I am getting younger by the day!

What is my secret?

My exercise program definitely plays a part in my success, but it is my nutritional practices that give
me the competitive edge. My body gets flooded with the nutrients it needs to maintain the energy,
stamina, and strength of peak performance. I also take time to rid my body of toxins and impurities, removing the barriers that stand between me and my next athletic achievement. This unique combination of uncompromised nutrition and cellular cleansing has not only propelled me to the top of my game, but it has also put me in “first place” from the perspective of health and wellness.

This year's ride featured many photos and interactive updates by George.

KOLD News in Tucson did a story on George's 2006 ride that can be viewed here.

George's last ride earned thousands of dollars for the American Diabetes Association.

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Learn how a 72 year old Fightrider maintains his stamina and energy

What does George eat on his rides? Its the Fightrider Fuel Formula for Good Nutrition and Health!
If you would like the receipe his wife Sue will be happy to tell you!

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